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Fourth UK Workshop on AI in Education

Cambridge, 9th December 2008

Under the auspices of the Information and Computer Sciences (HEA-ICS) Subject Centre and in conjunction with the AI-2008 Conference.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been incorporated into the curriculum of Computer Science degree schemes for a number of years now at both undergraduate and graduate levels. The field of AI encompasses a number of sub-disciplines including machine learning, constraint satisfaction, search, agents and multi-agent systems, reasoning, natural language engineering and processing to mention just a few. Despite the fact that the underlying research areas have developed over the years, teaching artificial intelligence and related topics presents a number of problems such as a heavy influence of one's own research expertise and specialization in deciding the content of such courses and a lack of standard methodologies and tools that practitioners can employ for teaching topics in this area. The aim of this workshop is to bring together researchers and practitioners that are interested in the teaching and education aspect of the field.


The workshop addresses issues specific to teaching AI and AI in education including, but not restricted to:

  • innovative approaches to learning and teaching AI

  • approaches for improving the students' learning experience (Undergraduate and/or Graduate)

  • incorporating AI research into AI courses

  • the integration of theory and practice

  • tools for supporting teaching and learning AI

  • using AI in teaching other courses

  • AI applications to assist in class instruction

Workshop proceedings

The workshop proceedings have been published by the Higher Education Academy Information and Computer Sciences Subject Centre (HEA-ICS). Papers can be cited as follows:


Author(s), Title, In Fasli, M. (ed.) Proceedings of the 4th Artificial Intelligence in Education Workshop, Cambridge, UK. HEA-ICS, ISBN: ?, 2009.


Workshop papers and presentations

Providing Tools for Novice AI Programmers, Simon Lynch, University of Teesside (paper, presentation)

Re-usable Online Assessment Materials for Teaching Artificial Intelligence, Jim Smith, University of West England (paper, presentation)

Teaching AI Concepts Using a Robot as an Assistant, Eleftherios Karapetsas and Demos Stamatis, Alexander Technological Educational Institution of Thessaloniki (paper, presentation)

A Framework for Teaching Multimodal Interface Construction, Keerthi Rajendran and Simon Lynch, University of Teesside (paper, presentation)

Extracting Multilingual Dictionaries for the Teaching of CS and AI, Dimitar Kazakov and Ahmad Shahid, University of York (paper, presentation)

Approaches to Developing Educational Resources using AI embedded in Computer Game Technology, A Case Study: Primary School Literacy, Colin Price, University of Worcester (paper)

Using Trading Games to Interpret a Health Environment, Martin Beer, Terry Keefe and Iain Snelling, Sheffield Hallam University (paper, presentation)


Maria Fasli
University of Essex

School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering

Wivenhoe Park, Colchester CO4 3SQ

United Kingdom


Program Committee

Juan Carlos Augusto, (University of Ulster, UK)

Martin Beer (Sheffield Hallam University, UK)

Joerg Denzinger (University of Calgary, Canada)

Ioanna Stamatopoulou (City College, Greece)

Demos Stamatis (T.E.I., Greece)

Harko Verhagen (SICS, Sweden)



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