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Useful Links


       Agent-Mediated Electronic Commerce Workshop (AMEC)

       Autonomous Agents and Multi-agent Systems Conference (AAMAS)

       IEEE International Conference on Electronic Commerce (ICEC)

       IEEE/WIC/ACM Intelligent Agent Technology Conference (IAT)

       Trading Agent Design and Analysis Workshop (TADA)


Organisations, Societies, Special Interest Groups, Projects

       Trading Agent Competition (TAC) Organization

       Agent-mediated Electronic Commerce (AMEC) Specialist Interest Group

       The Foundation for Intelligent Physical Agents (FIPA)



       Agentcities Project


       Trading Agent Competition


Please email any comments and suggestions to mfasli [at] essex [dot] ac [dot] uk



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Analysing and Modelling Complex and Big Data

A talk delivered as part of TEDxUniversityofEssex

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