My Research Projects at Essex  [Qingfu Zhang's homepage]

Current Research Projects

Studentships may be available for strong and appropriate applicants from time to time. 

        Network Design by  Multi-Objective Optimisation (BT short-term fellowship). 2007.

        Modelling Distribution of Pareto-optimal Solutions for  Multi-Objective Optimisation (Funded by Honda Research Institute Europe, 2004-  )

o        Researchers at Essex: Qingfu Zhang, Edward Tsang, and Aimin Zhou (project PhD student)

o       Researchers at Honda: Yaochu Jin and Bernhard Sendhoff.

        Market-based Workforce Management (Funded by BT, 2005-)

o       Researchers at Essex: Edward Tsang, Qingfu Zhang, Tim Gosling, Wudong Liu (project PhD student).
Researchers at BT: Botond Virginas (BT),
Chris Voudouris (BT & Essex) and G Owusu (BT)

Recently Completed Research Projects 

        Advanced Evolutionary Methods for Learning Finite State Machines (Funded by RPF of Essex University, 2006)

o       Researchers: S. Lucas, Q. Zhang, R. Poli, H. Li (Research Assistant),  A. Moraglio (Research Assistant). 

        Estimation of Distribution Algorithm (Funded by EPSRC, 2002-2003)

o       Researchers: Qingfu Zhang, Edward Tsang and John Ford and Jianyong Sun (Project RA)

        Heuristics for Routing in Telecommunication (Funded by Royal Academy of Engineering, 2003)

o       Researchers: Qingfu Zhang, Gaoxi Xiao (Academic visitor from Nanyang in Singapore), Jianyong Sun, and Edward Tsang. 

        Hybrid Optimization Methods (Funded by University of Essex, 2001-2002)

o       Researchers: Qingfu Zhang, Edward Tsang, John Ford, Hui Li and Tim  Gosling


last updated March, 2006, Q. Zhang