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Jindong Liu

PhD Student

Supervisor: Prof Huosheng HU 


Education History

Main Research Interest

  • I am interested in bio-mimetic mobile robots, including the modelling, simulation, sensor fusion, pattern recognition, and unsupervised learning. In Essex robotic fish team, we produced the first autonomous robotic fish in the world (please see picture gallery , and video gallery). In this achievement, I designed and coded a 3D robotic fish simulator in order to evaluate control algorithm in real robotic fish. I built a novel kinematical model for the bio-mimetic control, and implemented it in our robotic fish.
  • In terms of unsupervised learning and adaptive control upon mobile robots. I have investigated the impact of reinforcement learning upon robotic fish behaviours in my PhD. Using an improved policy gradient reinforcement learning algorithm, a robotic fish can optimise its swimming parameters to achieve a larger turning angle.
  • Now, I am doing the group control of multiple mobile robots, i.e. flock control. we plan to have a fish school in a big tank.

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Main Publications

Honors and Awards

  • September 2003,'Best Paper' award in Proceedings of CACSCUK.

  • 2001-2002, 'Liu Yongling ' Fellowship, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, for the excellent graduate student.

  • Excellent Undergraduate Student of Liaoning Province, Fall 1999

  • Award for Academic Achievement, Fanting Middle School, Fall 1994 

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