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Fasli M. Agent Technology for

e-Commerce. Wiley & Sons, Chichester, 2007.

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Agents are computational systems that are capable of autonomous, reactive and proactive behaviour, and are also able to interact with each other. The application of agents in e-Commerce is one of the fastest-growing and most exciting areas of computer science. This emerging technology is enabling individuals and businesses to take advantage of the new and powerful medium of the World Wide Web.

Agent Technology for e-Commerce introduces the main theory behind and the applications of agent technology in e-Commerce in a way that is accessible to students with a basic background in computer science. Bringing together economics, game theory and multi-agent systems in a clear and accessible way, this book offers an introduction to agent technology and architectures, as well as providing more in-depth coverage of subjects such as negotiation, auctions, bargaining, voting protocols and coalition formation. Mobile agents and issues of trust and security are also addressed.

Containing exercises and topics for discussion, this book is ideal for classroom use or self-study, and will be of considerable interest to computing and IT professionals who wish explore the fast-moving discipline of agent technology for e-Commerce.

Author information

Maria Fasli has taught a course on Agent Technology in E-commerce since 2000 as part of the MSc. in E-commerce Technology degree offered at the Department of Computer Science of the University of Essex. At the time of curriculum design, this was the first such specialized course designed in the UK. This course is now being offered as an option to other degree schemes in the Computer Science Department including the Doctoral program of the Centre of Computational Finance and Economic Agents (CCFEA).  She is an active researcher and has published in conferences and journals in the area of agents and multi-agent systems. She was awarded a National Teaching Fellowship (NTF) by the UK Higher Education Academy in 2005 for her innovative approaches to learning and teaching.


Higher Education Academy Information and Computer Sciences Subject Centre

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Please email any comments and suggestions to mfasli [at] essex [dot] ac [dot] uk


Description: Description: C:\MyWorkSpace\MyWeb\My Webs\MariaSite\images\book.jpg   Agent Technology for e-Commerce

Analysing and Modelling Complex and Big Data

A talk delivered as part of TEDxUniversityofEssex

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