Sam Steel

Sam Steel: April 2010


From very early on, the idea of minds in bodies intrigued me. My first degree was in philosophy, but from there I moved into artificial intelligence, to use it, not as engineering, but as a way of describing minds.

Two things that minds do are

For many years, I was interested in acting and choosing. I tried to model acting and choosing through AI planning, especially in a formal and logicist way, at the border of reasoning about action and about programs.

Now, after some years in university administration, I am getting back to this. It turns out that the zeitgeist has changed. The area of consciousness studies has become respectable, and I am now looking at how minds experience the world.

My current goal is re-apply what I have done before, so as to offer a formal and logicist model of subjectivity.

A facetious description of what I am trying to do is:
to show how to put ghosts into machines, by implementing Kant using state automata and folk neurology.

In fact, though facetious, it is not a bad summary. Here is a draft of a presentation about it .

Getting ghosts into machines: metaphysics meets folk neurology (.ppt) (.odp) revision: 11/3/2011

Here is a (revised) poster from a workshop Foundations of Enactive Cognitive Science February 26-28, 2012

Approaching consciousness by moving from awareness to awareness of awareness. (.ppt) (.odp) revision: 24/2/2012

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